3 Tips to Solve Android Storage Space Running Out Problem

Andorid Storage

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 3 Tips to Solve Android Storage Space Running Out Problem – When you get android storage space running out problem, it can cause many other problems. In most case, it will slow down your Android and even make it error and can’t be used. You need to restart it manually, if it happens. However, the best solution when you have this problem is deleting unnecessary file or transfer it to your PC. Now, if you are in the situation where you can’t access your PC or external drives, you can use this solution.

Transfer It MicroSD

Move your data and files into MicroSD. The Android devices that you can find right now have port where you can insert MicroSD. And, most of MicroSD you can find today has bigger space. You can even get 512 GB MicroSD, which is enough to save lot of files and data. So, make sure you have one and put it in your Android device. So, whenever your Android storage is running out, you can easily transfer your data into it.

Cloud Server

The other method is using cloud service. There are many free services you can use out there. However, the sizes of the storage you can get from these free services aren’t that big. But, it’s enough to keep your data for temporary, until you have access to your PC. But, if you use paid service, you can even get more than you need. Also make sure that your internet connection is fast, so it won’t corrupt your data, when you transfer it to Cloud Server.


Nowadays, most of Android device has port where you can plug the USB OTG cable. With this, you can connect your device with many storage gadgets. So, for example, you carry external hard drives with 4TB storage, with this accessory, you can access it and have 4TB, ready to use as backup whenever your device has storage problem.