4 Choices of Top Restaurants in New Orleans

Top Restaurants in New Orleans

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 4 Choices of Top Restaurants in New Orleans – Do you want to visit New Orleans? One of states in United States saves amazing views and destinations to visit. It also provides culinary tourism that can be enjoyed. There are some top restaurants in New Orleans to explore.

21 – Royal

Disneyland, an international entertainment park has a luxury restaurant. This restaurant with 12 people capacity is officially opened in New Orleans Square with fantastic price. Disneyland finally opens it. The restaurant is one of exclusive projects handled by Walt Disney. The restaurant is named 21 – Royal completed by luxury resort and spa. It is high end restaurant in New Orleans.

This restaurant offers eating experience in a fairytale kingdom situation created by Disney. But, the people must take money much because the offered price is so fantastic. The restaurant has a semi private concept. To visit this restaurant, you must pay 12 chairs with $15.000. The building of this restaurant was in 2014 and opened for public. This restaurant only serves a group of guests every time in a room with capacity of 12 people. A guide will lead you to go to the restaurant after waiting for a while. The group of guests need to wait in The Grand Californian Hotel and Spa in the same location. The guests can enjoy 7 different meals cooked by Chef Andrew Sutton and Justin Monson.

Poke Chan

Poke Chan is one of top restaurants in New Orleans. Hawaiian raw fish meals will make you have memorable eating experience. It is a double shotgun house converted to be St. Claude Avenue. It is a casual restaurant that is crowded being a special lunch place. You can order special menus in this restaurant with a poke bowl with brown or white rice, seafood, tofu, and topping of sesame oil, fried onion, and snacks. The menus are delicious and can be adjusted to your budget.

HK Nola

New Orleans offers HK Nola as the top restaurant. It doesn’t need to go to Bywater to enjoy fresh juice, organic chia puding, or avocado hummus sandwich. Those meal menus are so tasty and delicious. The cafe is painted with mural motif and it clearly looks nice and beautiful. It is a home of parfait granola on avocado bread and most of the meals are made of local and fresh ingredients so that the quality is kept very well.

Echo Pizza

Do you want to taste unique pizza? You can go to Echo Pizza. The baked pizza with wood and small plates look so tasty. This is the new offer in Echo Pizza. The bread maker of Kate Heller from Leo Bread cook this pizza. It tastes so delicious and unique with the effects of wooden baking process. The baking process is dominated by big oven wooden baking process. But, don’t get afraid of fire because it is producing California pizza with yummy and crunchy texture in New Orleans. The pizza is baked perfectly and served in a small plate with salad as its simple snack. Those are some recommendations of top restaurants in New Orleans.