4 GoPro Tips and Tricks for Creating Good Quality Video


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 4 GoPro Tips and Tricks for Creating Good Quality Video – Are you GoPro user ? If that so, you must understand the greatness of GoPro camera, don’t you ? Yes, this camera can be used for many purposes in many different conditions. But, maybe you don’t know some of these gopro tips and tricks, which can give you more option and variation in recording video using this camera.

Red Filter for Underwater Photography

When you record video or taking photo with GoPro while you dive, the object will have mostly same colors, because the light and water color effect. However, if you use red filter, the image will be captured much better color differences. You can easily differentiate between one and another object.

Time Lapse Videos

GoPro camera has time lapse mode. So, basically you can use this mode to create time lapse video. But, to make it interesting, try using kitchen timer, the rotating type. What you need to do is fix GoPro camera on top of it and let it spin. With this setting, you can create awesome time lapse video.

Buying Tips for Beginner

This one is for you who just start to use GoPro camera. You don’t need to buy many different accessories. You just need to 3-in-1 mount, which will help you to shot in many different conditions. You can use this mount for underwater photography, night shot, time lapse video and many more.

Use Good Quality Lighting

Whenever you want to use your GoPro, it would be better, if you consider the lighting condition on the location. Good lighting setting is necessary, if you want to shoot high frame rates video. This is important, if you want to use GoPro to record fast moving video, such as surfing, downhill and other sport.

Basically, those were some of basic tips and trick for GoPro. All of them are easy to do. If you are beginner, with those tricks, you can create good quality video.