4 Solutions for Repairing Your Broken iPhone Screen


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 4 Solutions for Repairing Your Broken iPhone Screen – Do you want to fix broken iphone screen? There are several methods that you can use. Here are the guides for you who have problem with broken iPhone screen.

1. Ask Help from Apple

Apple has official iPhone repair service. Therefore, you need to use it. What you need here is the warranty. Make sure you still have it and they will give you the service that you need. You also can bring your broken iPhone to Apple Repair Center. If you still have AppelCare+ warranty, you will even get replacement for your screen or iPhone.

2. The High Street

The next solution to fix your broken screen is asking help from high street vendor. They are not official Apple repair center. However they know how to do it. Just make sure, you choose the service that has Authorized Apple Service Partner. This means Apple give them permission to do the repair service.

3. Call Engineer to Come and Help You

Some of repair service also has engineer that can come to your house and help your problem. For example, there is iCracked or Phone Dudes in London. You also can find the service in your local area. Just call them, and they will send engineer that know how to fix your iPhone broken screen. Most of them also ask you the condition and the model of your iPhone. Therefore, the engineer will also bring the replacement for the part that broken that match with your iPhone model.

4. Replace It by Yourself

There are many replacement kit products you can find on the online store. You can buy them and replace the broken screen by yourself. Just remember, this job need patience and skill. Fortunately, the replacement kit usually come with manual and detail instruction. So, you just need to follow it. You need to be extra careful, so your iPhone won’t get more damage, when you replace its screen.