5 Best Restaurants in New Orleans

Best Restaurants in New Orleans

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 5 Best Restaurants in New Orleans – Best restaurants in New Orleans are celebrated with the flavors of African, French, Creole, and Cajun. Gumbo and jambalaya are just two types of classic dish with that rich flavor. If you want to find such flavor in New Orleans, you may consider eating at French Quarter since this place full of dining that provides fresh diversity on the table.

1. Maypop

Maypop RestaurantMaypop is a restaurant in New Orleans that serves good foods but in mid-class price range. The fusion does not create confusing taste and it blends some traditions from New Orleans, Italian, and also Asian. One of the best dishes on the menu in this restaurant is crispy fried oyster served with Manchego cheese and soy aioli. Other than that, the drinks represent the Asian element written on the menu.

You should try the cocktails to find the feature of lemongrass or ginger. It is not too much to count it as one of the best restaurants in New Orleans.

2. Commander’s Palace

Commander’s PalaceCommander’s Palace is located in the Garden District mansion. It shows the luxury in bright aqua color. Besides, the building appears with the Victorian Cuckoo. The name and the building give impression of the price on the menu. This is one of luxury yet expensive restaurants in New Orleans. You also need to follow the rule of dress code when you want to grab a plate here.
The staples are such as pecan-crusted gulf fish, gumbo du jour, and turtle soup. The most favorite drink in this place is martini that costs 25 cent during the lunch on the weekday.

3. Herbsaint

Herbsaint RestaurantThis luxury yet expensive restaurant is located in the Central Business District. The dining area is pretty casual and gives the vibe of democratic venue that offers best food in the city. It offers dirty rice and classic along with Andouille gumbo, tasso, and chicken.

4. Dooky Chase’s Restaurant

Dooky Chase’s RestaurantIt is not as expensive as the previous names of restaurant. Besides the foods, it offers history. The popular menu is Creole standard. You will start with the basic like rice and meaty red bean. It also has juicy shrimp called Clemenceau, a local menu that offers fabulous taste. Best menu is fried chicken.

5. Peche Seafood Grill

Peche Seafood GrillThis is like the best place to enjoy seafood dish in French Quarter or even New Orleans. The menu sounds so simple but you will be impressed by the presentation, ingredients used, and also the dressings. These places are best restaurants in New Orleans.