5 Destinations of The Coolest Place in the World

Coolest Place in the World

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 5 Destinations of The Coolest Place in the World – There are many countries having extreme weather in which it has the most extreme temperature. The coolest temperature in the world is in the South Pole exactly in Vostok Station. The coolest temperature reaches – 89, 2 degree Celsius. In some countries, there are some spots of coolest place in the world reaching – 50 degree Celsius. What are the coolest places in the world?

Russian Vostok Research Station, Antarctica

Russian Vostok Research StationThe Russia research station becomes the coolest place in the world. The temperature in this research station reaches the coolest level about -119.2oF or -89,4oC. This station is located above the sea level. The Vostok station becomes the most isolated research station in Antarctica. There are 25 researchers but the cool temperature makes the researchers only 13 people. As the additional station of Vostok, it is close to the Vostok Lake being the mysterious place in the world.

Oymyakon, Russia

OymyakonWith extreme weather of the North Pole, Arctic, Oymyakon is officially to be the next coolest place in the world. The highest record of the coolest temperature is about -71,2oC. Looking at that thing is not surprisingly that the land of this village is always frozen permanently. For the people who want to feel living a place surrounded by ice, this place is the best destination to visit for winter trip and journey.


YakutskThe next coolest city in the world is Yakutsk City in Russia in which the medium temperature is about
-40 degree Celsius to -50 degree Celsius. Even, it has reached -65 degree Celcius. Though it has extreme weather at winter, but this city is inhibited by 300 hundred thousands people. In addition, in this city, it has some interesting museums to visit. One of the museums is Mamut Museum. In this museum, you can see giant mamut statue.


NorilskThe coolest city in the world is Norilsk. This city is located in Russia or in the north of Krasnoyarsk regions or about 2.878 km from the capital of Russia, Moscow. Norilsk becomes the high population city in the world in which it has many mining productions. In winter time, the temperature of this city can reach -30 degree Celsius and at summer time, it reaches 30 degree Celsius. Norilsk is a closed city in which all strangers need to get special permission to visit there.


VerkhoyanskRussia seems to have many cool cities in the world in winter time. The next coolest place in the world is Verkhoyansk located in Russia. This city is located about Yana River or 4.675 km from the capital city of Russia, Moscow. The lowest temperature is able to reach -69,8 degree Celsius. It needs to know that this city becomes a scary place for revolutionary community. If you want to feel the coolest temperature of the world, you can explore Russia. This country has several places to visit in which most of the cities have minus degree temperature. Are you dare to visit there? You must try to visit the coolest place in the world to feel the sensation.