5 Facts about the Avengers: Infinity War before Watching the Movie

Avengers Infinity War

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 5 Facts about the Avengers: Infinity War before Watching the Movie – Facts about the Avengers Infinity War are going to help you to get the line before you watch the movie this year. The hype is so crowd and hopefully the movie will be great because this is what every Marvel’s enthusiast would love to see.

1. Thor has a new weapon

According to the clip announced by Marvel Studios, Thor fights without wielding his Mjolnir. The weapon looks like the one in the comic called a Jarnbjorn or an axe he used for achieving the Hammer. This is like the opening of the facts about the Avengers Infinity War.

2. The shoot was for Avengers 3 and 4

Marvel Studios announced that the upcoming movie would be the two-part saga but still under the Infinity War label. But recently, the plan was changed and it will not be the two-part saga with Infinity War label above it. Even the casts do not know how the sequel of Infinity War would be.

3. A lot of Thanos’ scene

We did not see much about Thanos so far after 2012. In this movie, the co-writer of Infinity War has confirmed that Thanos will get a lot of scenes on the first act. It is kind of making up for lost time.

4. Vision could be died

Many actors will show up on Infinity War. But unfortunately, the Vision of Paul Bettany will probably not present in this movie. Even though it seems weird considering this figure is very powerful. But let’s find out about this by watching this movie.

5. The script did not show up until the shoot began

The shooting itself started January last year but all casts did not have the script until the shoot began. It is for the sake of secrecy after all. But well, we really need to watch the movie this year to proof these facts about the Avengers Infinity War.