7 Options Of Low Cost Health Insurance

Low Cost Health Insurance

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, 7 Options Of Low Cost Health Insurance – If you are searching low cost health insurance, looking from the insurance options may work the best. Here are some points that are important to pay attention.


Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA can be a ticket to make yourself still be eligible to continue your health insurance. This condition is for people who just laid off or do not have work anymore. For other condition, students can also continue their parent’s health insurance through COBRA.

2. Health Insurance Marketplace

ACA also brings change for Health Insurance Marketplace. Now, it covers the treatment for pre-existing medical conditions. There will be no insurance plan that can reject you or charge you more. With the help of ACA, you may get more affordable health insurance plan.

3. Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

This option is available for both individual and family. In other words, it can be a good health insurance choice you can choose for several conditions. Some of them is when you need quick cover to avoid health insurance coverage gaps while you are looking for other option at the same time.

4. Workers compensation

This option is another thing you should not just ignore. In common, workers compensation may be able to offer some health care solutions for people who are being treated for an injury, which occurs while they are working.

5. Medicaid

Because of the coming of Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are many changes in Medicaid as well. Now, more people can be qualified to receive Medicaid. The policies are eligible for people who are below the poverty line. Exception is also available for people with income above the poverty line to be eligible.

If the information about this is not announced in your state, you can find more about it to make sure. Moreover, the expansion of Medicaid is different for each state. Therefore, you need to contact the state insurance commissioner first to make sure.

6. Private insurance

If you are aiming to get individual or family health coverage, several private insurance sometimes offer lower costs. You need to do some checking first before setting on an independent plan. The steps are just the same with when you are looking for home insurance or car insurance.

7. Group insurance

There are many organizations, which provide advantage to the members. One option you can use is the health insurance group plan. If you are belong to membership organization, you may need to ask about it to get low cost health insurance.