About Short Term Health Insurance

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SHARINGBEYOND.COM, About Short Term Health Insurance – Are you looking for an affordable health insurance? Then you are able to choose short term health insurance. This type of health insurance is used for specific period of time. Short time health insurance is designed not only at affordable price, but also flexible in order to fulfill your needs of health. This health insurance may ideal for you if:

  1. If you have waiting period of time before you sign up for other health insurances.
  2. You are looking for another alternative for health insurance which is cheaper.
  3. You are a part time worker.
  4. You are a college student, fresh graduate, or already retired.
  5. You have a pension fund but you are too young to have medicare.
  6. If you do not have a stable financial yet but want to protect yourself or your family.

Important Things about Short Term Health Insurance

  1. Short term health insurance does not prevent tax penalties. Because this type of health insurance does not fulfill the requirements of the law, you are still responsible to pay tax penalties besides the premium rate you need to pay each month.
  2. It does not provide auto renewal. So that you have to reapply if you want to continue the health insurance. It is because this kind of insurance is included in non insurance program. That is why this health insurance is not able to be automatically extended, and you have to reapply.
  3. Just like the other types of health insurances, your application for this kind of health insurance can also be rejected. Whether your application rejected or not, it is based on your health condition right now and in the past. Usually, the health insurance provider company will look at your health record for the past 2 years.
  4. The benefits of short term health insurance is different and not as much as in conventional health insurance.

Short period health insurance is not suitable for those who have chronic diseases or bad health condition, since this health insurance may not have benefits needed for those people. Moreover, people who got significant medical condition for the past 2 years may find it hard to apply for this kind of health insurance.

Short period health insurance is more suitable for people below 65 years old with good health overall. Foreign college student is also ideal applicant for this health insurance, since they are temporarily stay in a specific country.