Anything You Need to Know about USB-C


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Anything You Need to Know about USB-C – USB-C is one of the latest advancement that you can see in USB technology. This is more than just upgrading to the USB cables and charges that you have used before. It can be a major device for electronics. If you wonder about USB C to USB or this type of USB is a big deal, then you can read them below.

This is not a new standard

This is an important thing that you should know that this USB Type-C is not a new USB Standard. This is upgrading to the USB standard which been focused on expanding and redefining what this USB connection can do in the term of better speeds and features as well. This USB-C is quite different, it’s a great improvement of ability to interface with other devices and removing the need of mini USB or micro with this reversible connector.

It’s being more available widely

You might think that USB Type-A is the most common format. However, this USB Type-C start to build popularity quickly and there are many android phones hitting the market by using this USB C compatible. No wonder that USB-C become the standard port in most majority devices as well.

No more cables or jacks

One of the biggest reasons why USB-C become so popular among phone manufactures is this cable can be used to replace the headphone jacks. It means that they can create slimmer and more compact phones. This is because headphone jacks require specific space n your smartphone which is means that phone manufacturers were limited in the term of how to make slimmer devices.

More compatibles

The most common questions related to this format is whether or not this cable compatible with the older formats. This is yes/ no question. Yes, this USB-C cable can be used in older variants as long as you have proper adapters.