Best Cure for Hemorrhoids Symptoms at Home

Hemorrhoids Ilustrations

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Best Cure for Hemorrhoids Symptoms at Home –┬áBest cure for hemorrhoids symptom can be done at home especially when the pain is still at mild stage. The home remedies below will be useful for curing the symptoms of hemorrhoids which can be painful and uncomfortable.


It is important to make sure that they eat foods with high fiber contents if people want to cure their hemorrhoid. There are some foods which can be taken including whole grains, vegetables, as well as fruits. The stool will be softened by eating fiber. Its bulk will be increased as well so straining can be avoided.

Topical Medication

People can also buy over the counter topical medication for hemorrhoid. It can cream or suppository which comes with hydrocortisone. They can also buy the pads which come with numbing agent or hazel for the best cure for hemorrhoids symptoms.

Warm Bath

They will find a great help from warm bath for their hemorrhoids. First of all, they can soak the anal area in the warm bath in regular basis. It is also important for keeping clean the anal area. Besides taking daily shower or bath, they need to cleanse the anal area using warm water in gentle manner.

No Dry Toilet Paper

It is better not to use the dry toilet paper for cleaning after the bowel movement. People should use the wet one but they have to make sure that it does not have alcohol or perfume within.

Cold Commpress

Last but not least, cold compress will also be useful for relieving swelling due to the hemorrhoids. The cold compress or ice pack can be applied directly on the anus. If the hemorrhoid caused pain and discomfort, they can take pain reliever orally. There are various options which can be found easily such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen for the best cure for hemorrhoids symptoms.