Best Food After Surgery to Help You Heal Faster

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Best Food After Surgery to Help You Heal Faster – What you eat will play important role in the healing process after surgery. Find out the best food after surgery you should consume to speedy the recovery process here.

#1. Lean Protein

Lean ProteinLean protein is very important in helping your wounds to close and recover faster. The protein you should consume every day is generally about 0.8 gram per kilogram in average of your body weight. But, after surgery you will need more than that. The amount of protein intake should be 25 up to 30 grams every 3 meals you consume. That amount will help you to recover soon from the injuries you suffer.


#2. Fermented Dairy

Fermented DairyFermented diary contains beneficial bacteria that can help you to digest food. Not only that, the “good” bacteria also help to manufacture vitamins and improve your immune system. This product will be beneficial the most for you who want to get well soon after surgery. Some dairy products that are best for after – surgery recovery include kefir and yogurt. Kefir can be a good choice since small serving of it will provide you with over 10 billion of “good” bacteria. Yoghurt is also considered good but it only provides smaller amount of beneficial bacteria than kefir can do.

#3. Fruits with Deep Colors

Fruits with Deep ColorsDeeply colored fruits are rich of antioxidants that plays significant role in lowering harmful molecules that can be dangerous for people with post – surgery condition. Some of fruits that are rich of antioxidants include raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates, cherries, blueberries and blackberries. Those fruits contain important compounds such as anthocyanin that can boost the effect of vitamin C in your body as well as stabilize the matrix of collagen and enhance the integrity of capillary.


#4. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and SeedsAnother best food after surgery you should consume is nut. The food is rich source of zinc. Besides nut, seeds are also the best choice of food to provide you with zinc. The substance is needed by your body to build and activate cells that are very useful to improve your immune system. Zinc is also useful ingredients to help you in wounds’ recovery process. Squash, pumpkin, and sesame are some of seeds that will provide you with rich source of zinc. You can also get zinc from some other foods such as oysters and meat. They come with highest concentration of zinc that will be very useful in bring back your stamina after surgery.