Best Game in Android for Game of Thrones Fans

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Best Game in Android for Game of Thrones Fans – If you just like us, then you might feel that anything related to Game of Thrones just so amazing. Unfortunately, it’s been two years before this fantasy series will hit the TV series again. In that time, you are able to use this best time to get latest update or just playing a game of thrones game to ensure that you have no missed any single detail.

Of course, you cannot do all those things if you do not have Android smartphone and some applications installed. There are many options that you can use to satisfy tour thirst for Game of Thrones until you can enjoy new season.

Game of Thrones Game in Android

This Telltale Games Series was a six part of game sires which been set in the TV show (HBO). This story tells about House Forrester is a noble family come from the north Weteros who are so loyal with the Starks of Winterfell. Then got stuck into surrounding the War of the Five Kings make they were thrown into maelstrom of bloody war, horor, revenge and many things that they need to survive and seven kingdoms were separated away. In this game, you will take a role from different members in Forrester Household and decide their destiny through options that you made, even your actions and final decisions that can change the story surround you.

This game is focused on the tribulations and trials on House Forrester and offers you with continuation series from television show as well. This game also futures the voice over from many characters that you can see in TV series, such as Lena Heady, Peter Dinklage and Natalie Dormer as well. You are able to download this game on your Android devices ensure that you have enough storage space, finally you can enjoy this game.