Best Hotels in Tokyo

Best Hotels in Tokyo

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Best Hotels in Tokyo – What are the best hotels in Tokyo? This question might come to your mind when you spend your holiday in Tokyo. It is because each hotel spoils you with many choices like great facilities, unique concepts, and good services. Meanwhile, all the various offers make the range of price various as well. Here are a few of the guidance that you can follow, so you can enjoy your stay in Japan!

Hotel New Otani

Hotel New OtaniIf you like James Bond movie series, you might be familiar with this hotel. It becomes one of the sets when filming You Only Live Twice in 1967. The hotel that was built for the first Tokyo Olympic Games is located quite close to public transportations, shops, and even attractions. It has a massive ten acres garden completed by Red bridge and waterfall. Its 1980 style of the interior gives you nostalgic vibes. Staying in this hotel can be a short getaway in the middle of the busiest city in Japan. However, don’t forget to put an extra budget for your accommodation plan because it is incredibly pricey!

Royal Park Tokyo

Royal Park TokyoIf you want to stay in a five-star hotel with moderate price, this place suits you perfectly! Not only that, it also will spoil you with historical vibes of Japan. You can easily go to see one of the historical places because it is located in near Tokyo oldest Temples that are well known as downtown Tokyo. It provides a modern decoration with floor-to-ceiling windows. It feels complete with various facilities such as Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room service, lobby and lounge with a grand piano. In addition, 9 restaurants including Chinese and Japanese food, and even a Japanese garden with a set of tea ceremony house will feed your hunger! Then, the best part is the combination of spacious room and best breakfast of town.

Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

Sakura Hotel JimbochoHey, backpackers! There is good news for you. This hotel is friendly for backpackers because it offers you a strategic place with many choices. It provides dormitory style rooms and group rooms. There are also 24 hour café for backpackers who like to enjoy the Japanese food and beverages. Sakura Hotel Jimbocho is also a popular spot especially during a holiday in Tokyo. No wonder it is easy to get fully booked because of the clean and sleek room yet affordable price. There is always a hotel that suits your budget as well as your need. So, are you still wondering what are the best hotels in Tokyo?