Best PC Gaming Headset for Real Gamers

Best PC Gaming Headset

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Best PC Gaming Headset for Real Gamers – Best PC gaming headset is needed not only for the real gamers, but also for those who are the beginners in the gaming world. Because when it comes to playing PC games, you should also have an audio tool to support your playing beside a computer, mouse, monitor, and keyboard. Are you looking for the best headset for PC gaming? Here are some recommendations.

Steel Series Siberia 200

Steel Series Siberia 200This headset is one of the best headsets from entry level class created by Steel Series. For you who are a beginner in the gaming world but want to try to be more serious, Steel Series Siberia 200 is suitable for you. Moreover, this PC gaming headset is quite affordable. If you have a tight budget, you can choose this one. This headset is completed with a microphone that can be pulled and inserted. It is also available in several colors.

With its 250 grams weight, Steel Series Siberia 200 is also completed with 1.8 meters cable that can be automatically connected after you connect it with your computer, Mac, or even your PS4.

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1Not only having an incredible look, Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 will make you in an awe with its crystal clear sounds. Moreover, this PC gaming headset is completed with a passthrough surround sound technology as the external speaker, and also onboard control so that you have a full control of this headset. The price of Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 is quite expensive, but it is worth it with the quality offered.

Razer ManO’War

Razer ManO’WarRazer ManO’War is the one and only wireless headset created by Razer. One of the benefits of this headset is its ability of the superb battery that can reach 14 hours even if it is used continuously with its 7.1 virtual surround sound ability. Moreover, this PC gaming headset is available in a million colors because of Razer’s Chroma color system.

Razer ManO’War is created with a retractable microphone. This headset is really user-friendly, has a great RGB look, and also high-quality sound. Moreover, the price is relatively cheaper than its other competitors.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud AlphaFor you who put the sound as your priority when you buy a PC gaming headset, HyperX Cloud Alpha can be your choice. This headset has an incredible mid-range tone and bass sound. Moreover, this headset is really comfortable to use because of its padded memory foam ear cushion. Make sure you consider this best PC gaming headset.