Brain Training Games for the Elderly

Brain Training Games for the Elderly

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Brain Training Games for the Elderly – Games for old people especially the ones that can train their brains are important. Those games are important in order to sharpen the cognitive ability and keeping the health of the brain. Here are some brain training games for the elderly.

Memory Game

In this game, the elderly should remember the name of some objects in a particular order. Then, they have to say the names again when their turns come. This game is a fun way to train and increase the elderly’s memories. When they play this game, there are many brain areas stimulated to take and save information. The memory game is actually a classic game, but it is effective to increase the brain’s ability to memorize various things.


Chess is one of the most popular games to increase the cognitive ability. It is a complete strategy game which can help in increasing the elderly’s thinking power analytically and critically. Moreover, chess can also increase the visualization ability. The most important thing is, this game can help in increasing the mental sharpness.

Crossword Puzzle and Sudoku

Crossword puzzle can activate one of the most particular parts of the brain and increase the ability to find words. Playing crossword puzzle will keep the elderly’s brains sharp. Sudoku is also a great brain training game for the elderly. They have to think hard to place the numbers from 1 to 9 without doing any repetition.

Optical Illusion Game

This game is an attractive way to train the elderly’s brains. When the elderly play this game, they can see the objects from various different perception. They usually will see the objects from the misleading ways. Optical illusion game is really good in increasing the elderly’s cognitive ability.

Rubik Cube

Rubik cube is included in mechanical puzzles which can help in increasing the spatial intelligence. The Rubik cube has 6 sides and each side has 6 different colors. The main purpose of this game is to place all of the cubes which each side of the cubes should be in the same color. This game is the best way to sharpen the cognitive ability and increase the brain’s performance. Not only beneficial for teenagers, Rubik cube is also beneficial for the elderly.

Although there are many popular online games nowadays, those games above are more beneficial especially for the elderly. To train the elderly’s brain’s performance, play those games for old people.