Choices of Health Insurance for Kids


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Choices of Health Insurance for Kids – If you want to make health insurance for kids from now, here are some choices you can have.

Public Program

On average, there are two public programs in every state. They provide health coverage for children in low and middle income families. Those are Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP.

Medicaid is run by states with the mix of state and federal funding. Health plan offered is not only for child, but also parents, people with disabilities, as well as pregnant women can have it. For kids, they will be automatically eligible for the coverage if they are United States citizen or already admitted as immigrant by law. For the second condition, even though their parents do not share the same condition, they still can be eligible.

On the other hand, CHIP is funded by federal government. This program is for kids under19 in working families. There will be qualification regarding the parent’s income when you apply health plan offered by this program. If you does not qualify for Medicaid because the income considered too high but in real you still have hard economic condition, CHIP can handle it.

CHIP has different rules for each state. Moreover, the name of the program may have different name even though it covers the same matter. It goes the same for Medicaid as well. For example, in Delaware CHIP program is known as Delaware Healthy Children Program. Meanwhile, in Connecticut it goes under the name of the Husky Plan.

Private Insurer

If you are not interested in public program, you can also choose the private insurer. Because of the coming of Patient Protection as well as Affordable Care Act, now you can have more choices with affordable cost. All options available can be seen There, you can find complete lists available in your area. The application is also provided for more ease.

Local Community Health Center

For the last option of health insurance for kids, you can also use this service to prepare health insurance for your kids. This center is available for child’s checkup, treatment (when he or she is sick), immunizations, prescription drug, dental care, as well as mental health care. Besides that, you can also use this service when you are pregnant or when you need substance abuse care. To check the nearest center in your area, you can visit the page of Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) then zip the code under “Find a Health Center”.