CMD Commands Windows 7 Hacks Everybody Should Know

Windows 7

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, CMD Commands Windows 7 Hacks Everybody Should Know – A simple command prompt can bring very useful feature to your computer. If you want to make the most out of your computer and run various commands more easily, these CMD commands Windows 7 hacks will be extremely helpful for you.

Help Command

Sometimes you want to type a command, but you are not quite sure what it is or maybe you are missing a letter so there is nothing happening. In this case, there is no need to open a book or search about it in the search engine. You only need to type help in the command prompt and every command under the earth will be displayed right in front of your eyes.

Automatically Run Command Prompt as Administrator

There are some commands that can only be executed if you run the command prompt as administrator. Actually, you can easily do it by right clicking the command prompt and then choose “run as administrator”. But if you don’t want to perform the same thing over and over again every time you want to use the command prompt, there is a trick that will let you to do this automatically.

To do this, you have to create a short cut of the Command Prompt and put it on your desktop. Go to the shortcut’s properties, choose Advanced and then check the Run as Administrator box. This way, every time you want to execute a command from an elevated command prompt, you can simply click the shortcut.

Copy Some Texts from the Command Prompt

Copying a text from a command prompt is more than just clicking “copy” and then paste it somewhere else. To perform this action, you have to right click in the Command Prompt window first. After that, choose Mark and you will be able to select text. Highlight the text that you want to copy and then press enter. Next, simply paste the text somewhere else and everything is set.

Abort a Command with Ctrl-C

This is one of the most useful CMD commands Windows 7 hacks that everybody should know. If you want to stop a running command, you can simply press Ctrl-C. It is very simple, but it can save your life in case you are running the wrong command.

But remember, Ctrl-C can only be used to abort a still running command. You cannot use it to undo a command that has been perfectly executed nor changing a command that you have not started. If you want to change a command that has yet to be executed, you can simply erase the command that you have typed.