Cool Tips and Tricks Windows 10

Windows 10

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Cool Tips and Tricks Windows 10 –¬†Microsoft Windows OS comes with many patchwork features as result from dedicated team who create the best experience as much as possible. So, with a complex, detailed and nuanced software, it makes sense that there some Windows 10 tips and tricks that you can try below :

You can rotate you screen by pressing Crtl-Alt-D Arrows

This tip might not pretty useful for most of users, however you are able to rotate your screen by pressing all together Ctrl+Alt+D and one of arrow buttons. The down arrow can flip your screen down, then the right and left arrows will turn your display 90 degrees on its side. If you need to use these multiple displays, then you can turn the display in a specific way.

Sign out of Windows 10

You might think that Power Menu is the only menu to choose shutdown or restart in your computer. If you sign in as another user, then you are able to open Start menu and type your name that will be displayed at the top screen. This is brings you to the menu that includes with sign put option.

Get into new action center

This Windows 10 also provides you with New Action Center that can track all of notifications from all of systems. You can click on the text bubble icon and the panel will pop out from the right side of screen.

Make more touch-friendly in Windows 10

If your computer has touch screen feature, you can operate your Windows by using it in a tablet mode. Klik start >> Settings>> System>> Choose Tablet Mode.

You can customize your Privacy Settings

If you want to take over application-specific privacy options, they you can click Start>> Settings>> Privacy. Then you are able to decide which application that you can access into the connected hardware, such as microphones or cameras.