Food to Maintain Healthy Eyes

Healthy food for eyes

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Food to Maintain Healthy Eyes – Hippocrates once said to let food to be our medicine and medicine be our food. It shows that what we eat has very crucial role to our wellness. Healthy balanced diet ensures our body gets complete nutrition for optimum body metabolism and maintain our body in optimum wellness. As we all know that maintain our eyes in good health is important, we need to make sure our diet has proper nutrition to support healthy eyes.

Most of us already know that carrot is the ideal food for eyes. It contains beta-carotene, a type of Vitamin A, that’s important for retina and other parts of the eye to function optimally. But best food for eyes isn’t just carrot. Your eyes need more than just Vitamin A but also other nutrition like lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E, zeaxanthin, and zinc. To fulfill proper supply of those nutrient, you need balanced diet of proteins, dairy, fruits, and vegetables.

Beyond carrot, these are other products that make the best food for eyes :


Fish protein contains Omega-3 fatty acids. The ideal choice is wild-caught salmon known to be rich of unsaturated fatty acids.


Egg contains almost all the important nutrition for eyes. Especially on the egg yolk, it is rich of vitamin A and zinc useful to maintain good cornea, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin to lower the chance of serious eyes problem.


Almond is rich of vitamin E, a crucial nutrition to maintain healthy tissues on the eyes. Proper vitamin E intake helps protect the eyes from macular degenerative as the effect of aging.


Dairy products are not only rich of protein but they are rich of vitamin and mineral including vitamin A and zinc.

The list above features only few of best food for eyes. There are other food products to make in this category including kale, strawberry, green tea, and many more. Consult with your eye doctor or nutritionist for advice.