Four Cool Hidden Computer Tricks and Secrets in Windows 10

Windows 10 Secrets

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Four Cool Hidden Computer Tricks and Secrets in Windows 10 – Windows 10 has plenty of cool features that the users have yet to discover. If you want to improve your experience with Windows 10, make sure to learn these following computer tricks and secrets.

1. Good Old Start Menu

The tile start menu in Windows 10 is pretty and all. Unfortunately, it is not exactly everyone’s favorite, especially for those who just move from the simple and cool Windows 7. If you don’t really mind the tile start menu but you also miss the simplicity of the old start menu in Windows 7, there is one very easy trick you can do.

You simply have to right click the Windows start button and a simple non-tiled menu will appear. It is not as complete as the tile menu, but it has all the essentials, from apps and features, task manager, setting, file explorer to the shut down or sign out option. With this simple trick, you can enjoy the simplicity of the old start menu without having to remove the tiles.

2. Aero Shake

Aero shake is one of the best computer tricks and secrets that everybody should know. It is first introduced in Windows 7 and thankfully it appears again in Windows 10. This hidden feature is very useful for those who often open multiple windows, tabs and applications. Simply by shaking a window or tab that you want to keep open, you can access the app or window you want to use easily and keep your working space clutter free.

3. Windows Timeline

Windows Timeline is an excellent feature to monitor the activities you do in your computer. By pressing Windows Key + tab, you can see the programs, windows and tabs that are currently opened in your computer. Windows Timeline displays the thumbnail of the programs and windows so it also helps you move from one window to another.

Even though this feature is very helpful, it still has a weakness. It doesn’t support all apps. But you don’t really have to worry about this because the common programs like Office, popular browsers and most games can be displayed in Windows Timeline.

4. Nearby Sharing

This is one of the best Windows 10 computer tricks and secrets. Unfortunately, not many people know about this. With Nearshare, you can send various files to the other devices that also have this feature without having to rely on additional apps or mobile data. This feature takes advantage of Bluetooth to share files from one device to another. It is not the fastest sharing options in the world, but it is pretty useful for emergencies.