Good Bacteria in Stomach Affects Well to Your Digestive System

Bacteria in Stomach

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Good Bacteria in Stomach Affects Well to Your Digestive System – Do you know that there are some good bacteria in stomach? The bacteria are mostly found in intestine for 400 million of bacteria. There are two groups of good and bad bacteria in stomach. The good bacteria are useful to digest foods and produce some nutrition of digestion result.

Functions of Good Bacteria in Stomach

Good bacteria in stomach are much important. Even, due to its importance, the bacteria are called to be second brain of human. It is not functioning to help digestion and nutrition absorption, good bacteria in stomach are knowing one’s feeling. A proof of the bacteria performance is as the person feeling nervous or under pressure, he will have stomachache and vomit. Meanwhile, he doesn’t consume any foods causing the thing happened. It proves that good bacteria understand what you’re feeling and giving same responses when you feel annoyed.

Three Types of Good Bacteria

Everyone has different good bacteria. Though there are a million of bacteria in body, it is divided into three huge groups. It is proven from the studies conducting this bacteria research. There are three big groups of good bacteria in intestine and stomach. The types of good bacteria are Prevotella, Bacteriodes, and Ruminococcus. The division of the groups are not related to gender, race, age, body mass index, and nationality.

The Differences of Those Good Bacteria in Stomach

Grouping good bacteria in intestine will influence diet and eating pattern. Bacteroides get energy and food from sugar and protein. Meanwhile, Prevotella loves protein in intestine wall so that it is able to cause stomachache. Then, Ruminococcus helps the cells to absorb sugar and able to increase body weight. It is not only different foods but the result of nutrition produced is different as well. Bacterioides causes some vitamins and Provetella is a good production for folat acid and vitamin B1. Those good bacteria in stomach are much needed for running digestive system.