Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Grand Canyon North Rim – It is not a surprise if Grand Canyon North Rim is on many travellers’ must-go-to lists. Not only does it offer you many painstakingly beautiful viewpoints, the remote beauty where only few ever touches this place is also alluring. However, if you do not make some careful plans, you might find it boring to wander around in a vast area. Here are a few things that you have to do in North Rim before you die!

1. Grand Canyon North Rim Scenic Drive

Grand Canyon North Rim Scenic DriveAre you looking for fantastic photos to fill in your social media’s feed? If so, you need to try this out! Surrounded by Cape Royal and Point Imperial, you can drive along the way and pull over your car to see the beautiful scenery! You can also take a walk and go sightseeing because many photo opportunities are offered along the way. Besides that, you only have to spend 20 – 45 minutes to reach Cape Royal, Point Imperial and Point Sublime, tremendous places for sunset hunters. Not only that, you can also take out your picnic mat and set out for a camp. There, you can relax around and enjoy your meals with a set of barbeque to chomp on!

2. Bright Angel Point Trail

Bright Angel Point TrailAs you know, going for a hike in North Rim can be pretty dangerous, especially if you attempt to climb from one rim to another in a day! The wild weather and changing temperature can make your body’s immune drops down quickly. However, if you still insist for a hike, you can always try out Bright Angel Point Trail. This place is perfect for intermediate to beginner hikers, because the trail is well paved that it will give you the same satisfactory for outstanding scenery just from an easy hike! The look down of North and South Rim will be displayed as many professional photographers are coming for this!

3. North Rim Visitor Center and Ranger Programs

North Rim Visitor Center and Ranger ProgramsIf you do not like tiring outdoor activities, then you definitely should visit this place! Designed with many exhibitions and bookstores, you are still able to enjoy the beauty of North Rim without a sweat! The Ranger Programs will also provide you a tour and lectures that you will know better about animals, cultures, geology as well as history in North Rim. The program will also allow you to explore Grand Canyon North Rim through a walk with the local guides.