Guide on Best Mobile Legends Hero

Mobile Legends

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Guide on Best Mobile Legends Hero – Who is the best mobile legends hero ? Mobile Legend is recently popular games played in worldwide. The game is featured with 5 vs 5 real time battles in Classic MOBA map. This dame is similar with League of Legends. Great strategy and teamwork becomes important to win the battle. In other side, choose right character is also other important things need to be considered. Here is the best character hero in Mobile Legends from their role.

There are totally about 58 heroes available and comes in 6 tiered classes: Tank, Support, Fighter, Marksman, Assassin and Mage. Here is the list of best heroes that divide from the role.



Minotaur : (it has very great durability and does well in poking the enemies with specialty in crowd control).

Akai : It has specialty in crowd control and has high durability and good in poke enemies.



Diggie : Specialty in crowd control and poke.

Rafaela : Specialty in regen.

Estes : Specialty in regen and cost.



Roger : (specialty in reap/burst. It has high offense and good in poke enemies.

Chou : Specialty in charge and make burst damage. It has well in engage and survivability.

Zilong : It has specialty in charge/engage and split push.



Irithel : Specialty is reaping and has very high jungle ability and offense.

Moskov : It has specialty in push/burst damage and good in team fight, split the push, mobility.

Bruno : It has good specialty in reap and good in split push and mobility.



Lancelot : It has specialty in burst/charge. The character is extremely high offense and does well in jungle ability.

Fanny : The specialty in reap/charge. It has extremely good capability in split push, mobility, engage and burst.

Saber : It has specialty in charge/reap and extremely good in team fight and pick potential.



Kagura : Specialty is damage/reap and extremely good in team fight, best survivability and also in mobility.

Harley : Specialty is damage/poke and has high offense with good poking enemy’s capability.

Cyclops : Specialty in damage/cost and has extremely well in team fight, engage and disengage, burst and pick potential.