Guide to Do Factory Reset on Your Android Tablet

Factory Reset Android Tablet

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Guide to Do Factory Reset on Your Android Tablet – Sometimes, you need to reset your Android tablet, when it faces some problem. By resetting your device, the error in its system will be also fixed. Now, the question is how to reset android tablet? Even though Android device is one of most popular device today, however there are still many people have no idea how to reset their Android device. So, here are guides to do factory reset on your Android device, especially the tablet device.

Factory Reset

The steps to do factory reset on your Android tablet are:

  • Open “Settings” menu,
  • Find Personal section and choose “Backup & Reset” option,
  • On the new window, you will find “Factory Data Reset” option on the bottom. However, before you press it, you need to set the “Back up my data” option to “On” position. Make sure the internet connection is on, so it can be backed up on Cloud server. It usually needs long time, about overnight.
  • After the backup process finished, you can press the “Factory data reset”. This will erase your data and make your gadget looks like new gadget.
  • Then, your Android tablet will restart.

Freeze Tablet

If your Android tablet won’t boot up, you can also use other method to reset it. For example, you need to hold down the power button and volume down button. It will activate automatic factory reset on your tablet. However, it depends on the type and brand of tablet that you have. Some brand and type have different way to reset using this manual method. Read their manual instruction to find more about it.

Basically, those were some methods to do factory reset on your Android tablet. Just be careful with your data before reset it. Make sure you back it up or save it on other drive.