Hidden Features in iPhone 7

Iphone 7

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Hidden Features in iPhone 7 –┬áiPhone 7 hidden features are added in order to make it easy when you use this smartphone. The design of iPhone 7 is not really different from the previous ones, but there are several new features added in iPhone 7, and here they are.

Raise to Wake

You do not need to unlock or press Home button anymore in order to see notifications on your iPhone screen. By using Raise to Wake feature, you just need to lift your iPhone 7 to see lock screen and your notifications. If you want to activate this feature, go to Settings and choose Display and Brightness. Then activate the feature of Raise to Wake.

Limit Notification on Lock Screen

iPhone 7 is able to show any notifications slightly on lock screen, which really help you to know about your messages and reminders. But if you want to limit notifications on your lock screen, you can go to Settings and select Touch ID & Passcode. Then you can deactivate several items which you do not want them to be showed on your lock screen.

Hidden Control Center

In iPhone, you can swipe from the bottom of the screen in order to access Control Center. Here, you are able to adjust the settings of WiFi and Bluetooth, activate flashlight, and other features. But, do you know that you are also able to access another Control Center by swiping to the left? This kind of Control Center allows you to access podcast and music.

Wipe to Delete Number in Calculator

When you are using calculator and making mistake, you do not have to delete all and start it over. You just need to wipe to the right and left in order to delete the number you last typed. This may be one of the most useful iPhone 7 hidden features.