How to Clean Your Intestines

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SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Clean Your Intestines – How to clean your intestines? Intestines are a part of your digestive system. In processed food that you consume, your intestines have some roles. During their working process, your intestines may become dirty gradually. Dirty intestines will reduce their quality work and even you can feel something wrong with your tummy. Luckily there are some steps that we can apply in cleaning our intestines. Before talking about the steps, it will be better for us to know what intestines’ functions are.

Intestines functions

Intestines are built up by two parts. They are small intestine and large intestine. Even though it is small, the small intestine is the longest compared to other organs in the digestive system. Both intestines function to absorb nutrient from the food. With a tube shape, intestines consist of three muscles with different functions. The muscles are ileum and jejunum that serve as an absorber of foods’ nutrient and sender of the nutrient to our bloodstream. Another is the duodenum that functions to break the food down.

In breaking down and absorbing the food, the muscle in intestines may get some blockages that come from the food itself. Fast foods as for an example have little roughage making it hard to be moved in intestines. The longer foods stay in intestines the bigger chance of bacteria to grow, reabsorption of toxins, and rotting feces. Other than the blockage, the bacteria that grow excessively in the intestine also disturb intestines’ work. The bacteria even absorb the nutrient and leave malnutrition in the body.

Steps in cleaning intestines

We all must have eaten unhealthy food and all adults on average have unclear intestines. To gain healthy and clean intestines, there are three steps of how to clean your intestines.

1. Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet for your intestine should consist of high fiber foods, leafy green vegetables, lots of water, with limit alcohol and dairy. As we know, fiber in grains and veggies are easy to be digested and could make food to pass the intestines faster.

2. Consume intestine cleanser

A healthy diet cannot clean your intestine in one night. However, some medicines could. There are many cleansing products that could help you to reduce bacteria and push the food go out of intestines faster. In contrast, some medicines may bring harmful side effects to your health. Consulting with your doctor first is highly suggested.

3. Keep a healthy lifestyle

The digestive system is better influenced by physical activities. Exercises as for example could burn the calories making the nutrient absorption run faster and help the food movement in the intestines.