How to Fix WordPress Error Establishing a Database Connection

Fix WordPress Error

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Fix WordPress Error Establishing a Database Connection – Error establishing a database connection can be a dreadful thing which can be found by website owner especially in WordPress. It can lead a bad day experience because every error message will be serious issues for them. However, there is no need to be panicked when seeing this kind of message. There are some ways which can be followed for fixing this problem. Of course it will be so much better if we can understand the problem first.


There are actually some common problems which can cause this error message. It can be associated to the login credentials which are incorrect. For accessing the database, there must be specific login as well as password that must be used. When there are changes occur to the login and password, of course the WordPress will not be able to get anything from the database. When the WordPress files are corrupted, it can cause failure of update including the main software updates, themes, and plugins. The error message can also be linked to the corrupted database, down database server, and high traffic.

Contact Web Host Provider

The very first thing which people should do when they find the error message is to contact the web host provider. It is always a good idea to start fixing the problem with WordPress. It can be considered especially when the website is fine a minute or a day ago and now it has error message. It can be the fault of the web host after all. If you choose the quality hosts, there will be fast reacting support available which can be contacted through the live chat. You can ask about the database server and the traffic on the server after informing about the error message.

Plug-in and Theme Files Check

The next step which can be followed is by checking the theme and plug in files. You have to make sure that it has not been corrupted yet. When the files are corrupted, there can be some problems appear including this error message. For example, you have updated the theme and plug in but as error message is the result of this step. The site might be hooked to an external service and this can cause problem as well. The error message can also be caused by the files which are edited by hand. Those can be the potential culprit of the error establishing a database connection.