How to Get Nice Skin

Perfect Skin

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Get Nice Skin – Skin is a part of our appearance. People could easily judge us from our skin. It is why having nice and healthy skin is really important for both men and women. Despite all flaws that we may have, here are several tips on how to get nice skin.


1. Always clean up your face

The most essential time for cleaning up your face and is at night before going to sleep. It is because during sleeping your skin in regenerating. Clean skin with fewer bacteria will help the cell to regenerate. Besides, every time you feel you should face your face and body such as after being exposed to some pollution.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleeping is very crucial for our body, especially skin. It is the time when your body especially skin regains and repair the tired cell in the body. When you have less sleep, you can see clearly a wide black pocket under your eye.

3. Stay hydrated

Water is the most important element for your skin. Since water could moisturize the skin, the skin will get fewer wrinkles. Dehydration is the biggest factor that contributes to wrinkling skin in our body.

4. Consume a healthy diet

You are what you eat. You may always take care of your sin every day. However, if you still consume junk and fast food you may still find some acne in your faces. It is due to the interrelation between some organ in our body such as digestive organs with our skin.

5. Protect your skin from sun and pollution

Sunlight covers UVA and B that could damage our skin. People that are exposed to the sun more often will look older than people who rarely exposed to the sun.


1. Leave your skin without exfoliation

Washing your skin with soaps or others products is not enough. Some dead cells are hard to get rid of by washing. Exfoliation could.

2. Popping pimples

Popping pimples are a fatal act to your skin. It will leave some dark spots on the skin which are hard to vanish.

3. Overthinking and stressing

Stress and overthinking bring many bad impacts on our body. Including our skin, stress easily prompts acnes to grow on our faces.

4. Wearing too much beauty product and changing them too often

Wearing beauty products will require our skin to adjust to the ingredients. Moreover, the products are the chemical ones. Other than bringing the good impact on our skin, chemical ones may make our skin allergic.

5. Smoking

Cigarette consists of many harmful substances for our health such as nicotine and tars. The side effect may rise some skin problems such as discoloration on our lips.