How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Minimally Invasive Procedures


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Minimally Invasive Procedures –¬†How to get rid of hemorrhoids with minimally invasive procedures can be recommended by the doctor if the hemorrhoids got painful or bleeding. There will not be anesthesia needed for this purpose. The procedures can be done in the outpatient setting such as office of the doctor.

Rubber Band Ligation

The first option is rubber band ligation and it is pretty effective for many patients. There will be two very small rubber bands which will be placed around the internal hemorrhoid bade by the doctor. It will be useful for cutting off the circulation. It will wither and fall off within one week. This procedure can cause uncomfortable feeling and even bleeding.


The next minimally invasive procedure about how to get rid of hemorrhoids is with injection which is also called sclerotherapy. There will be chemical solution which will be injected by the doctor into the tissue of hemorrhoid for shrinking it. This procedure will not cause huge painful feeling. Nevertheless, this procedure can be less effective compared to the previous procedure option.


Last but not least, coagulation technique can be used for minimally invasive procedure for treating hemorrhoids. Laser will be used for this procedure but it can also use heat or infrared light. By using this procedure, the internal hemorrhoid with small size and bleeding condition can get hardened and shriveled. This procedure comes with fewer side effects compared to other procedure. However, patient can suffer from a little bit of discomfort immediately after the procedure. Compared to treatment with rubber band, there is higher hemorrhoid recurrence rate which can be found from the coagulation procedure.

Surgical procedures can also be performed if those minimally invasive procedures cannot give expected result. Hemorrhoid with large size also needs surgical procedure as the answer about how to get rid of hemorrhoids.