How to Increase Bone Density after 60 Years Old

Bone Density

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Increase Bone Density after 60 Years Old –¬†How to increase bone density after 60 becomes the important information for elderly people because they have higher risk to suffer from osteoporosis. There are some ways which can taken for supporting stronger bone for elderly people.

Stay Active

It might be true that elderly people has different body condition compared to the younger one. However, if they want to be healthy, it is necessary to stay active. It will also be useful for promoting stronger bone. In a week, they should have moderate intensity exercise for about 150 minutes. There are some options of activities with moderate intensity which can be tried such as walking, double tennis, dancing, water aerobics, or just simply pushing the lawn mower. Muscle strength must also be improved with several activities options such as gardening, yoga, dancing, lifting weight, and even carrying the groceries.

Food for Bone

The next thing about how to increase bone density after 60 cannot be separated from the healthy diet for promoting healthy bones. Many elderly people have to deal with dropping appetite but it can be bad for their health. Fortunately, the appetite can be kept up by staying active. Balanced diet is crucial but the foods should come with protein, vitamin D, and calcium. Besides for keeping the bone healthy, balanced diet will be useful for maintaining body weight for avoiding fractures.

Vitamin D

Last but not least, people also have to make sure that they get enough vitamin D because it is important for healthy bones and strong muscles. The body will create vitamin D from sunlight action on the skin. If people do not get enough sun exposure, they need to take supplement of vitamin D in daily basis. Some foods can also be great source of vitamin D like eggs, salmon, and mackerel. That is how to increase bone density after 60.