How to Keep the Body to Stay Healthy During Ramadan ?

Stay Healthy During Ramadan

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to keep the body to stay healthy during Ramadan? – There are many people who ask about it. This article will explain simple tips for you.

Do not miss Sahur

You must eat Sahur because it is the same as breakfast. Sahur can increase energy intake during the day before breaking the fast. You should pay attention to balanced nutrition consisting of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates.
You can choose foods like wheat and brown rice. You can also eat foods with high fiber content such as vegetables, potatoes, grains, and dates. Protein intake can be obtained from low-fat meat, yogurt, cheese, and eggs. These foods can help increase your energy throughout the day.

Drink Water Everyday

The human body is made up of water so you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water each day. You can meet the needs of fluids in your body when breaking the fast and dawn. You should avoid caffeine because caffeine has diuretic properties. You will often urinate so that fluid in your body also decreases rapidly. Caffeine can make you dehydrated.

Do Not Eat Too Much

You should not eat much when breaking the fast because your stomach will become bloated. You should eat gradually and consume snacks such as dates, fruit fruits, and fruit salads. You can consume main meals after a few hours.

Avoid Oily Food

You should not eat oily foods because this will increase your cholesterol in your body. These foods can accumulate fat in your body. You should eat healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Reduce Sweet Foods

Drinks and sugary foods can normalize blood sugar but you should pay attention to your food portion. You can eat sweet foods containing natural sugars like fresh fruit. The fruit will not make you fat and provide energy for your body.


You have to do physical activity during fasting. You can do light exercise after breaking the fast to get your body’s energy intake. You can exercise for 30 minutes.
You can bike or run around the park to burn calories. Mild exercise can keep your body healthy. This will make you look to fit every day. You can invite your friends so you feel the passion for the sport at night.


You will be sleepy during fasting because you do not have enough sleep for a day. Maybe you have to get up early to prepare the meal. You also have to worship all night. You can sleep faster after tarawih prayer to maintain your health.
You should not neglect your body’s health during Ramadan. That is the explanation of how to keep the body to stay healthy during Ramadan.