How to Repair Leaky Gut: Steps to Heal

Leaky Gut

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Repair Leaky Gut: Steps to Heal – Recovering leaky gut will need time and relatively long process. Here are some tips on how to repair leaky gut in much simpler way.

#1. Lifestyle

LifestyleBeside the foods, there are also some factors that are considered to have contribution in the forming of leaky gut include continuous stress. Thus, before you start the treatment to heal your leaky gut, it will be very important if you manage your stress first. Not only create leaky guts, the stressful mind will also lead the occurrence of inflammation and widen the intestinal pores. It can also cause you to have lower immune system and ability in healing process of leaky gut. Take time to relax and walks if it is possible. If it is necessary, you can also have medication or do your hobby to relieve stress.

#2. Medication

MedicationLeaky gut is clinical illness. Thus, medication is still needed to help you recover from the condition soon. But, you need to keep in mind that some form of medications such as painkillers and antibiotics are not easy to digest and can cause inflammation that will slower the recovery process. This is very important for you to avoid antibiotics and NSAIDs as much as possible when you are in the process of repairing your leaky gut. Make sure to always consult your doctor first anytime you want to take any medicine to avoid more serious health problem in the future.

#3. Cleanse

CleanseIf there are bad bacteria and parasites in your gut, it will make the intestinal walls hard to heal themselves. Those pathogens are very dangerous since they can weaken your immune system, leak the bloodstream, and also maintain the inflammation by attaching to the intestinal walls. Thus, it will be very important for you to cleanse the probiotics and keep the normal level Candida by taking supplements.



#4. Remove

No SugarThe next step to heal leaky gut is by removing sugars, additives, and other harmful nutrients that can damage the organ. When you are in the process of repairing leaky gut, you will be required to follow certain diet. But, it is always possible for you to mix and match some diets at once depend on how much your body needs the cleansing. Not only that, the way you combine the diet will also depend on the foods you might or might not to eat. You also need to consider the lifestyle that is possible to embrace due to the drastic change occurs.