How to Sign Up for Health Insurance Online

Health Insurance

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Sign Up for Health Insurance Online –┬áHealth insurance is important if you want to protect you and your family members. This kind of insurance product will reimburse the cost of your healthcare cost if something bad happens to you such as being hospitalized. In this digital era, almost every single thing can be done by using internet, including signing up for health insurance. If you do not have enough time to go to insurance company, here are steps of how to sign up for health insurance online.

Easy Steps to Register Health Insurance Online

If you sign up for health insurance offline, you are able to directly meet and consult with the customer service officers of the health insurance provider company. If you do it online, the difference is you need to be independent in understanding and choosing the product of health insurance. Actually, the requirements for registering health insurance are different for each insurance company. But generally, here are the easy steps of how to sign up for health insurance online.

  1. Go to the website of health insurance provider company you have already chosen. Then, click a button where you can register for health insurance. The website appearance of each insurance company may be different, so that you have to find the register button by yourself.
  2. Prepare the documents which are needed. The documents needed may be different for each insurance provider company. But the documents which is surely needed for signing up for health insurance are identity card and salary slip. Other documents such as birth certificate may be needed.
  3. Fill the data provided. Mostly, the data you need to fill is your personal data such as name, address, age, and many more. Then, you need to choose the class option which are provided, and the health agency selected as the reference point.
  4. Choose the premium rate you need to pay per month.
  5. Save the data and wait for the notification message to get registration number. The notification message may be sent to your phone number or email. Then, print the virtual account.
  6. Make a payment at the bank which is chosen by the insurance provider company you pick.
  7. After you made a payment, you will get a proof of payment. Since you need to pay the premium rate every month, it will be easier for you if you apply auto debit to pay your health insurance.