How to Solve Facebook App Problem in Android

Facebook App

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Solve Facebook App Problem in Android – Facebook is one of popular social media with huge number of users. We can even say almost every Android device users, has Facebook app in their device. That’s how popular this social media really is. However, there is some case when the facebook not responding android problem occurs. How to solve it? Here are the answers.

Update Facebook App

Mostly, the problem comes from your Facebook app that hasn’t been updated for too long. If this happen, and you’ve already updated the Android OS, the app won’t be compatible anymore. Therefore, you need to update the app so it can work with your new system. Usually, the Android system will automatically update it. But, if you turn it off, you may need to update it manually.

Update Android Firmware

Facebook app also has problem because it doesn’t compatible with your Android firmware. Therefore, you need to update your Android firmware to repair it. In most case, by updating the firmware, it will automatically repair your Facebook app, so you can use it.

Clear the Cache and Data

This is also one of reason why your Facebook app isn’t responding. So, try to clear the app cache and data, and see its effect. To do it is simple. Open “Settings” menu, then “Apps” option and choose Facebook app. Open the “Option” menu then choose “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” option. After that, just restart your Android device and try the app again.

Reinstall the App

The last method is reinstalling the app. Maybe, when you install it, there is part that was corrupted. So, by installing new app, you can fix this problem.

Basically, those were what you need to do, whenever you find problem with your Facebook app. They are easy to do. So, even though you have no knowledge about technical stuff, you can fix this problem.