How to Solve Insufficient Storage Problem on Android Devices

Insufficient Storage

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Solve Insufficient Storage Problem on Android Devices – Have you ever experienced android insufficient storage available plenty of space problem? This problem can only happen, because there are too many data or files that have been kept in your Android storage. It can cause many problems. It can slow down your Android device. Your Android device also can get error problem and many more. Therefore, you need to solve it, by removing that unwanted data. To do this, here are several methods you can use.

Clear the Cache

Cache file is the main cause of this problem. And, every app that you installed on your Android device will create these files, whenever you use it. Therefore, from time to time, it will pile up and eat up your Android storage.
To clear it, you can use special apps that can clear the cache data automatically. Or, you also can use manual way. Here is the manual method to clear cache data.

  • Open Settings then Apps Manager,
  • Find the app that you want to clear its cache data,
  • Choose the app and tap Clear Cache button.

With those simple methods, you can free more space in your Android internal storage. And, it also can help you to improve your Android device performance.

Alternative Methods

The easiest method is restarting your device. When you restart your device, it will also restart your device RAM as well as clear some left-over data. Therefore, it will make your phone run faster.

The other method is uninstalling apps. You can use the same steps like when you want to clear cache data. However, instead choosing Clear Cache button, you need to choose Uninstall App or Delete App button. Of course, choose the apps that you think aren’t that important, like small games and such. This way, you can save more space, which means solve this storage problem.