How to Treat Toothache with Home Remedies


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Treat Toothache with Home Remedies – Let’s admit there’s none of us want to deal with toothache. That’s the last thing we ever want to suffer! The worst thing about toothache is it can happen at any time especially in time when you’re not prepared at all. It is like suddenly the toothache happened in the dead of night when you were sleeping. The pain woke you up and you must suffer it through the rest of the night. You may not have proper medicine to relieve the pain and calling your dentist at that time just impossible.

Toothache is irritating indeed but, in most cases, toothache are acute symptoms and while it is so much wiser to get it examined by dentist for proper diagnostic and the right course of treatment, the urgent thing is how to help relieve the pain. Fortunately, there are home remedies for toothache you can find and make from various ingredients available at the kitchen at your home. With those home remedies, it can help the pain more bearable before you can get treatment from your dentist. These are few among ingredients useful as remedies to relieve toothache:

Salt water

This is the easiest yet very helpful remedy to relieve toothache. Dilute salt with water and use the solution to rinse your mouth. Salt water works as natural disinfectant and it also helps reduce inflammation and heal oral wounds. Rinsing with salt water also removes particles and debris stuck between teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide

It is also used as rinsing solution. Hydrogen peroxide is effective to kill bacteria, reduce pain, and stop bleeding gum.

Peppermint tea bag

Peppermint can be useful to soothe sensitive gum and numb pain on the teeth. You can either choose to use slightly warm, by soaking it with warm water for a while, or cold, by chilling it on freezer for few minutes. Apply the tea bag right on the ached tooth or affected area.

Ice cubes

Cold compress is always a good pain reliever. Compressing the affected area with cold ice will cause blood vessels to constrict reducing inflammation and swelling as well as relieving pain.

Those are few home remedies for toothache you can simply made from common ingredients at home.