How to Turn On Registry Editor Windows 10

Windows 10

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, How to Turn On Registry Editor Windows 10 – Registry editor windows 10 sounds unfamiliar for many people if they are not Windows administrators. People might have a big question about the function of this feature. This feature is brought by Windows operating system and it can be used for software and hardware setting. Before you can go further about the way for using this feature, it is better to understand about the way turning it on first. There are some ways which can be taken for this purpose.

Start Menu

Registry Editor app can be opened in Start Menu including for Windows 10. As usual, we only need to click the Start button which can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen. There will be search box which is still empty and all that we have to do is just typing “regedit“. When there is result, we only need to tap the regedit. There will be dialog for User Account Control and we need to choose Yes. This is the very first and must do step which must be taken for turning on this feature successfully.


The Registry Editor can also be turned on via Run. For this purpose, we need to right tap the corner on the lower left. We need to select Run when Quick Access Menu appears. Next, we will find the dialog of Run and we need to type regedit in it before choosing OK. That is very simple way to turn on the feature.

Command Prompt

When we want to turn on the Registry Editor, we can also do it through Command Prompt. We have to tap Windows+X. The menu will appear and we have to select Command Prompt. In the window of Command Prompt, we should type “regedit”. Enter can be pressed next. This is the third method which can be tried for opening the Registry Editor.

Windows PowerShell

The fourth method for turning on Registry Editor is through Windows PowerShell. After tapping the Start button, there will be search box appear and we have to type power. In the result, we can find Windows PowerShell which must be clicked. The regedit must be inserted before we can tap Enter.


Last but not least, of course turning on Registry Editor can be done by Search. Windows+C must be pressed for opening the Charms Menu and choosing Search. After entering the word regedit, there will be regedit result appears on the Search bar and it must be clicked to turn on registry editor windows 10.