Lists of Best Health Insurance Companies

Health Insurance Companies

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Lists of Best Health Insurance Companies – There are many good insurances companies all over the world. However, the best one is not for all. Here are the lists of best health insurance companies:

From consumer’s satisfaction

Each insurance company gives different way of offering services. Some of them apparently give full satisfaction of the customer. There are two must trustful insurance company. Those are Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Blue Cross BlueShield. This result is by rating opened several years ago and these companies still hit the consumer’s interest until today.
Even so, both of those companies is not available in all areas. You may need to check first whether your area or country give the service of those companies. To ease your work in finding the best insurance company, this article will also share you the summary for best insurance company in some states or region.

From the area

1. California and Colorado.

Blue Cross Blue Shield does not available in California. Fortunately, Kaiser Foundation is available in this state. It goes the same for Colorado.

2. East South Central

What included in this region are Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana. If you live in those states, you can find Blue Cross Shield of Kansas, Blue Cross Shield of Kansas City, as well as Blue Cross Shield of Oklahoma. Choose anyone nearer with your home.

3. Mid Atlantic

This state seems he one with many options of best health insurance company. Both Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Blue Cross BlueShield are present here. Moreover, it also has Cigna, Care First, and United Health Care as other top recommended company.

4. New England

What included in this region are Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. If you live there, you can enjoy the service of Blue Cross BlueShield of Massachusetts. Besides that, there are also Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care for other best health insurance company.

5. New York/New Jersey

If you live here, Blue Cross BlueShield of Western New York and Blue Shield of Northeastern New York can be two best choices available. However, if your home is too far away from those two health insurance company, there are still more options you can take. Those are Capital District Physician’s Health Plan and Independent Health Association.

Those are the summary of best health insurance companies, which we can share you this time. Hopefully it can help in finding the best service.