Rise of the Tomb Raider Game: 20 Year Celebration

Rise of the Tomb Raider

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Rise of the Tomb Raider Game: 20 Year Celebration – Thanks to Lara’s 20th year anniversary because it’s like sort of bonus edition for many PS4 owners, provide them with best reward for their patience with great extras. While on the PC and Xbox One, it might work as “Game of the Year Edition”, so there is a great thing here related to Lara croft rise of the tomb raider.

Many PS4 gamers have many reasons for its jubilation, although there is little bit of disappointment. You might expect that this game having more whistles when PS4 Pro version gets its patch at launch, but if you are looking for something related to Definitive Edition, then PC is still your best option. Do not have to worry; because it’s no problem at all, Rise of the Tomb Ride is still great looking game. It was hard to see Lara in action without feel impressed thanks to details in her expression, animation or even each movement of her hair as well. Crystal Dynamics also provides you with great scene view, there are some weather and water effect provide you with anything that you expected in this game.

It is also good effort and offers you with bigger sensation of adventure and exploration. You can find out better stealth and survival action which is always feeling curious to be explored as well. This game was getting happier to hit you along with tactical challenges than just gunning the goons. You can feel the stronger platforming as well. Shortly, this game gets you with different direction and platforming that increase your gaming experience. However, the real threat that you can get is set of new costumes and better skins which provide you with classic Lara look. Along with two new additions and better endurance mode as well. This game is still great adventure game with smoother action.