Secret Android Tips and Tricks You Must Know


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Secret Android Tips and Tricks You Must Know – Android is the most popular OS for mobile gadget. Most of people use it. However, only small number of them knows the secret of Android. Actually, there are several android tips and tricks that are hidden in your gadget. Here are some of them.

Developer Mode

With developer mode turned on, basically, you can modify your Android OS freely. To activate this mode, you need to go to “Settings” then choose “About” option. Then, tap the build number that you can find on that option, seven times. If you succeed, you will get message “Congratulations, you are now a developer.” Now, you can tweak your Android freely.

App Defaults

When you browse internet on your Android phone browser, and find video that you like, usually when you open it, your phone will automatically open it on the video app. For example, if you find YouTube link, the browser will open it on YouTube app. This can be very annoying and time consuming. So, if you want to turn off this function, you just need to open “Settings” menu and choose “Apps” option. Find “Open by default” option and choose it. Then, on the new window, choose “Clear Defaults.”

Annoying Notifications

If you don’t want to get notification from specific apps, just press and hold the notification that show up. After that, you will open the “Notification” windows for that app. Now, you can adjust the notification for that app. You can disable it, setting its priority or hide it.

Secret Game

There are many different games for each series of Android. To get it, just go to “Settings” and choose “About” phone option. Then, tap the device’s version number few times. After that, you will activate this secret game. We won’t tell you what game you will get from each series. Try it yourself!