Solar Eclipse: A Rare Nature Phenomenon with its Effects

Solar Eclipse

A Process of Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse happens when a moon is between sun and earth in one straight line. The solar eclipse appears at a phase of new moon when the moon is between sun and earth so that the shadow of the moon falls into the earth surface. No all areas have that eclipse. It is only an earth area crossed the moon’s shadow having eclipse. The moon’s shadows have two parts; umbra and penumbra. Penumbra is a blur shadow happened at solar eclipse. Meanwhile, umbra is a core shadow in the extremely dark center when the eclipse happens.

The Effects of Solar Eclipse

There are some effects of solar eclipse being an issue to study in the research The effects are actually same as the other types of solar eclipse. Firstly, it happens to the animal. When the earth gets darker, it is a sign for the animal to do activities or take a rest especially nocturnal animals. Annual solar eclipse gives significant effect for animal. It makes the animal annoyed, confused, and move irregularly. It affects well to the solar eclipse science in which it is able to enrich the knowledge. The earth’s gravity is little bit affected by solar eclipse. It has some changes to the gravity. Meanwhile, this eclipse is possibly disturbing communication due to the strong effects of communication tools like satellite, telephone, and internet access.