Survival Guide and Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling Alone

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Survival Guide and Safety Tips for Traveling Alone – Traveling alone can be an exciting experience. A chance for you to heal and connect more deeply with yourself. While it is fun, traveling alone can be challenging since you can only rely on yourself. To make sure you can have a great and safe trip, here are some useful tips for traveling alone.

Research the Place and Plan Everything Carefully

It is important to do a careful research regarding your hotel destination. Don’t just limit your research to the best hotel or local attractions. Make sure that you also find out about the transportation, the local custom and don’t hesitate to learn simple phrases of the local language. It is important to make sure you come prepared and avoid any unnecessary elements of surprises.

Stay in Hotel or Homestay

While staying alone in a hotel room is definitely more comfortable, it will limit your chance of meeting interesting people in your journey. Besides, it can be very expensive as well. So, it is best to just stay in a hostel or homestay.

If you want to learn about the culture of the place, homestay is the best option. You also will have a contact of trusted local and maybe get some tips about which food to eat or which place to visit. Staying hostel is a great idea too. You can meet fellow travellers so that your journey will not be too lonely.

Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

As a solo traveller, it is important to stay lowkey. Don’t wear too many jewelries, or over the top clothes. It is not a secret that almost in every tourist destinations around the world, tourists become an easy target for pickpockets or robbers because they know tourists definitely have money with them. So, enjoy your time, but also be aware of your surroundings.

Be Sociable, but Be Careful

This one is one of the most important tips for traveling alone. One of the most exciting things about going abroad is you can meet new people, interact with the locals or fellow tourists. Maybe you will encounter a very nice person who wants to take you explore the town or offer a cheaper accommodation.

No matter how tempting the offer is, how sociable you are or how nice the person seems, you should remember that you are alone in a place far from home. Solo travellers often become target of crime activities and you should be aware of this. Keep your guards up and do not easily trust someone you just met.