The 4 Mobile Legends Top Heroes

Mobile Legends

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, The 4 mobile legends top heroes – Which are mobile legends top heroes that you favorite to ? As far, there are 58 heroes available to choose. The heroes are categorized into price ranges and different type. As soon as, there will be raised new heroes come. But, who are the best top heroes? The list below can help you to pick the best one.

1. Fanny

It is no surprise that the one that becomes the hardest hero to deal is the unstoppable Fanny. She can steal unguarded turrets when jump into team fight easily with her cables that let her to fly across the map. She does not need any equip boots and freeing one item slot fort defense or attack. Fanny is values 24.000 battle points or by charge with 499 Diamonds.

2. Lancelot

Lancelot is representative of beauty, mobility, greater immunity and the insane damage. Everything about assassins is including on it. He can eat half of his opponent with his 2nd skill and close with 3rd skill. Player can unlock this hero by charge 599 Diamonds or 32.000 BP.

3. Kagura

Kagura first skill in range is perfect to harass enemies and poking. Her 2nd skill is able to let her escape from deadly situations also to stun the enemies with passive and gain small shield to absorb attacks. Last, her high damage skill spells doom to the enemies is useful for team fight. This character is worth with 599 diamonds or 32.000 BP.

4. Irithel

This character can be very fast and also heavy hitter. Get damage boost when get close to target. Mix with attack speed and damage booster item to improve nice killer skill hero.

Trust me; there are more mobile legends top heroes that you can choose. This top 4 list character is the most character that you need to buy to win the battle.