The Best Acne Treatment Home Remedies

Acne Treatment

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, The Best Acne Treatment Home Remedies –¬†Acne treatment home remedies can be considered by people who do not want to use chemicals for treating their acne problem. It will be easier and more importantly cheaper for using home remedies for acne treatment. Here are things which can be done at home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If they have apple cider vinegar supply in the kitchen, they can use it for treating their acne. This ingredient has function for fighting various kinds of viruses and bacteria including bacteria which caused acne problem. The organic acids in apple cider vinegar are useful for killing acne bacteria. The inflammation can also be suppressed with succinic acid in apple cider vinegar. It is also useful for preventing scarring. Acne scars appearance can also be improved with lactic acid. Many acnes are caused by the excess oil and it can be dried up by applying apple cider vinegar.

Zinc Supplement

The second option of acne treatment home remedies is zinc supplement. Zinc is needed for the growth of cell. It is also crucial for immune, metabolism, as well as hormone production system. According to the research, people who have acne has tendency to have zinc with lower level in the blood compared to them who have clear skin. Oral zinc intake can be useful for reducing the acne according to several studies. However, it is better to take zinc not more than forty milligrams a day because too much zinc might cause irritation in the gut and stomach pain.

Honey Cinnamon Mask

Last but not least, people can find great benefits of honey cinnamon mask for treating acne because both comes with high content of antioxidants. People must not forget about antibacterial properties which can also be found in honey and cinnamon. They just need to combine honey and cinnamon into paste form and apply it on skin as acne treatment home remedies.