The Mobile Legends Heroes Price Range

Mobile Legends

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, The Mobile Legends Heroes Price Range – Which are from mobile legends heroes that you are most love to play ? The character of heroes in mobile legend are ranges and price with battle points.

32.000 BP heroes’ category

The mobile legends all heroes in this category has great skills.

  • Odette : He is good on against crowds and can occurs great damage with tank.
  • Argus : He has great skills to still walk away while he hammered.
  • Grock : He is work well when near wall and start attacking. Use his immunity skills to handle the crowd control.
  • Harley : He is high mage. His second skills boost the movement speed to get close.
  • Ruby : Ruby is fighter that use vamp.
  • Chou : Chou has second skill that charge up.
  • Kagura : She work we with umbrella to rate up and tricky thing to against enemies.
  • Johnson : He has great benefit for tank hero that have high magic damage and armor.

24.000 BP heroes

  • Diggie : Diggie is the support hero.
  • Roger : Roger is hero that listed as marksman and also aa fighter.
  • Fanny : She is the one that have high difficulty and brute to kills her opponents.
  • Gord : He has high magic power. He can spell vamp and CD Reduction mix and destroy the opponents.
  • Estes : This is support hero that you want to place to keep the enemies to running away.
  • Hilda : Have fight in bushes? Hilda work well with this lane.

15.000 BP and below

  • Cyclops : This is support hero that you want to chase the enemies use distance.
  • Rafaela : She can swings in several ways. In attacking mode, she can slow the enemies.
  • Minotaur : This is support hero that can hold the back.
  • Alice : Alice is hero that can do tank and mage too. Her combo first skill will end the opponents.
  • Bane : Bane get benefit from vamp effect with his splash damage.

All the mobile legends all heroes is available to buy at any time. Always try the heroes and understand their skills first before you buy them.