The Newest Treatment for Osteoporosis


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, The Newest Treatment for Osteoporosis –┬áNewest treatment for osteoporosis hopefully can help people to cure their osteoporosis problem. People get older and it means that they have to deal with various kinds of health risk including osteoporosis. It is better to prevent than cure but at least people can find the treatment for osteoporosis.

Fracture Risk

The osteoporosis stage will be different and when the stage is severe, the patients have to face the fracture risk which is pretty high. They even cannot regain their original strength of bone. That is the patient will need the treatment which can reduce the risk of having factures. There are some medications which can be used for osteoporosis treatment especially for decreasing the risk of fracture.


The most common medication which is used for osteoporosis is alendronate. It is not the newest treatment for osteoporosis but it is used often for osteoporosis patients. By taking this medication, the bone density is increased. The medication will slow the bone breakdown. It means that the fracture risk will also be reduced by 20%-50%. However, the elderly women with osteoporosis still suffer the broken bones. This condition can occur just when they fall from the standing position. If the fracture occurs, it will cause suffering and also disability. Premature death can be caused by vertebral and hip fractures.


There is new treatment option which can be offered to people with osteoporosis. The new medication is called romosozumab. This medication is kind of antibody which is useful for blocking the substance called sclerostin which slow the new bone formation in the body. With this medication treatment, new formation of the bone can occur rapidly. The side effects between alendronate and romosozumab are pretty common. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to study further about the safety aspect of the newest treatment for osteoporosis.