Tips and Tricks to Figure Out Safe USB Type-C

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tips and Tricks to Figure Out Safe USB Type-C – There is new standard in wired connectivity, USB 3.1 Type C that can charge your phones, laptops, transfer data and even send you with 4K video into your devices. If you can check on many popular retailers, then you can see that several cables and adapters featured with reversible connectors. But, not all of them can work well.
There are several cables which go from USB C to USB A were extremely fail that they can damage your hardware permanently. Here several tips to you to find safe USB Type C cable.

Check the plug

For starters, it’s better to look at the plug. A good cable will use the deep-draw extraction method which make USB Type-C as a single metal and does not has any visible seam on the side of plug. Keep in mind that stamped and folded connector was usually made from zinc tin that easier to broke and cannot handle the cable’s power requirements as well.

It’s certified by USB-IF

Of course, customers cannot find out by just looking at the cable if it as a proper resistor or been tested to fulfill the standard of USB Type-c. However, if you purchasing one which been certified by USB-IF is always a better start. It ensures that your cable can last up to 10.000 repetitive usages.

Buy if from trusted brands

As we know that most of USB Type-C are easily to purchase today. Even there are most devices were equipped with this cable. This is better if you purchase one from trusted and reputable brand than you just buy the cheapest one. Trusted brands usually try to meet with the best quality for their customers. You can check the logos of manufactures if this cable pas the compliance testing. They can be found in product packaging, but it’s not always.