Tips and Tricks Using iPhone 7

Iphone 7

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tips and Tricks Using iPhone 7 –┬áiPhone 7 tips and tricks are needed in order to optimize the usage of your iPhone 7. Here are several tips and tricks you can use to maximize the features in your iPhone 7.

Lock Your Application with Guided Access Feature

You do not want your game or your other applications being used by someone else? By using Guided Access feature, you can lock some of applications in your iPhone 7. You can also prevent other users besides you to use Sleep, Home, and Volume buttons. In order to find Guided Access feature, you can go to Setting and choose General. Then choose Accessibility and you will find Guided Access feature.

Desktop Display in Safari

In order to access desktop display in Safari, you just need to hold the refresh button which is in URL address column. This way the option of Request Desktop Site will be showed.

Force App Store to Refresh

Have you ever experienced a case where the display of your App Store does not show? If you ever got this case, you can press any tab in App Store 10 times in order to force the application to refresh the display.

Mark Screenshots and Photos

In Photos application, you are able to add information to photos or screenshots with texts until with magnifying glass. If you want to try it, choose photo or screenshot and tap Edit button. Then tap 2 dots button (…) to show option of Photo Editor and choose Markup.

Delete Applications from Memory

Your iPhone 7 is getting slow? Then you need to delete some applications which are operating. To do it, you need to hold Sleep button until Slide to Power Off button is showed. Release Sleep button, then hold Home button until iOS automatically return to Home Screen to apply this iPhone 7 tips and tricks.