Tops Tips for League of Legends Beginner Guide

League of Legends

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tops Tips for League of Legends Beginner Guide – There are many things of league of legends beginner guide that need to learn to win the game. The first thing that everyone needs to know is what is the league? The league of legend is the computer game with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or often called with MOBA game. As strategy game, player needs to skilled their game play strategy to win. Here are basic games knowledge need to skilled for those who want to play and win the game.

  • Game Modes

Before start the game, ensure choose the game that you attention most. Being present in entire duration game is important. Players are able to punish for the AFK during the match. The first option is choose what opponent that wants to face. The beginner usually plays with Tutorial mode or Co.op against AI games. This game mode pit you to against enemies that controlled by computer. When the basic game works then the mode player vs player will unlocked. This is mode where real player against and test skill and knowledge.

  • Rank

When player reach certain level of experience, player can be ranked. The games in run with matchmaking system, where players will be paired with others players in same level experience.

  • Rift

Rift is amazing game map where the object is simple: to destroy enemies nexus by push it with your team.

  • Champions

As player starts the game, both team’s player are choose their Champions. There are about 100 Champions available to choose. Each Champion have their strength and weakness. They also have varying level.

  • Laning

Along with choosing the Champion, players also need to decide which lane that they want to choose.

  • Fighting

Fighting is the most action which league of legends player waiting for. As new player, you should aware to your minimap. By understanding the basic of league of legends beginner guide you can win the battle.